Annual Pledge Sunday, Nov. 10

On Sunday, November 10, we will gather to worship and consider the financial support each of us can offer to support the ministries and mission of our church in 2020.  Collectively, we are responsible for funding the budget, which allows us to have the high quality programs, staff and outreach, as well as to maintain our Meetinghouse.  We ask that each person consider what they can do to help underwrite these costs and make a pledge so the Church Council can develop a realistic budget for the year.  You will receive a letter and pledge card in the mail the first week in November.  Please bring it with you on November 10 and fulfill it over the coming year.  You will be blessed as you help support Christ’s beloved community in Noank.  This year, electronic donations will be offered as an option either on NBC’s website or on your mobile device.  Additional information will be included in the letter.