The Dedication of Children in our worship occurs for three basic reasons.  First of all, the parents are expressing their gratitude to God for one of the most beautiful and miraculous gifts they can ever appreciate – a child of their own.

Second, they are following in spirit the biblical pattern when Jesus’ parents brought him to the Temple in Jerusalem for his brit milah, or ceremony of dedication and circumcision (Luke 2:21-40). 

Third, this is an opportunity for parents and the congregation to dedicate themselves to the upbringing and spiritual nurturing of children, and particularly for parents to make some promises to God as to the kind of home they want to have. 

A ceremony of dedication is conducted mainly because Baptists do not christen infants.  Dedication, then, serves as a promise by parents to do their best to rear their child in the Lord, with the support of their family and church.



Weddings are performed throughout the year at Noank Baptist for both heterosexual and same-gender couples. Our sanctuary is a beautiful space to host a wedding ceremony, with its simple adornments and views of the Mystic River. Wedding can be performed in other locations as well, such as in Spicer Chapel (for smaller gatherings) or the landscaped setting of our outdoor gardens. 

For a schedule of fees and wedding information, see our Wedding Ceremony Guidelines.  To inquire about scheduling a wedding, please contact the church office.



Baptism follows a personal decision and commitment made by individuals to accept the grace of God in their lives and to follow the teachings of Jesus.  It is performed on those who have conscientiously made this choice in their lives—a choice usually not made until one is a youth or adult.  It is a symbolic ordinance, normally done through full immersion into water, to express a desire to wash way the sins of the past, to rise in faith with the embrace of God’s mercy and grace, and to publicly commit to following the ways of Jesus.  Baptism does not “save” a person; it merely reflects an inward experience of faith and trust in God and an outward desire to live according to the ways and truth of Jesus.  Baptists recognize that a community of faith is important for the spiritual development of an individual, so baptisms are done in the context of worship and the witness and support of others.


Noank Baptist hosts funerals and memorial services for both church members and friends.  Our sanctuary is a dignified and beautiful setting to remember and give thanks to God for a loved one in a service that celebrates their life.  To inquire about scheduling a funeral or memorial service, please contact the church office.

The Memorial Garden Committee oversees the maintenance and care of the church Memorial Garden. If you are interested in purchasing a space, please contact the church office or review this brochure.


People are welcome to formally join the membership of Noank Baptist.  If you have attended our worship services and activities and desire to make our church your spiritual home, then please speak to the pastor to initiate the process.  Members are welcomed into the church in one of three ways: baptism, a transfer of membership from another Christian church, or by confession through previous Christian experience in a church.  Candidates for membership are asked to attend a Membership Class and to meet with the Deacons before a decision to join is made.   Then the candidate chooses someone from the Membership to sponsor them.

Once a decision to join is made, the name of each candidate is presented to the Membership for a vote, which usually occurs at a special meeting held at the beginning of a weekly worship.  Once the Membership vote is complete, the candidate will be formally welcomed into Membership with the Hand of Fellowship and a Certificate of Membership during an upcoming worship service.



By Maddie Lewis